About Dr. Mistry

Dr. Mistry received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Viterbi School of Engineering at USC.  He found himself more interested in healthcare and decided to pursue a career in dentistry, like his father.

He received his dental degree from USC, and then went on to complete a residency in general and hospital dentistry at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle.   There, he worked extensively with medically compromised patients, patients receiving treatment for head & neck cancer, and children. He also learned to safely sedate patients for dental treatment. 

 He practiced for several years with his father in Anaheim, CA, as well as other offices around Los Angeles and Portland/Vancouver.   In October 2018, he had the opportunity to take over Dr. Gerhards' dental office at the time of his retirement.    

 Dr. Mistry met his lovely wife, Priti, while living in Seattle.  She is also a dentist and works in both Vancouver and Portland.  They have two children, Sarina (2) and Rohan (newborn) and a dog Ellie.   

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Meet Our Team

Tiffany Huffman


Registered Dental Hygienist 

Tiffany has been a dental hygienist for 17 years and has worked at this office for the entirety of her career. She loves the relationships she’s created with our patients and she enjoys getting to know new people on a regular basis. Tiffany enjoys customizing our patients dental care so it fits their lifestyles. She is very gentle and likes to take her time during appointments to make sure our patients are comfortable. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys home projects with her husband and children. They are “Do-It-Yourself-ers” and take pride in learning and applying new skills when it comes to working on their home. Tiffany also loves college football, being outdoors and anything that involves spending time with her 4 wonderful children and her husband.

Sallie Melcher


Patient Care Coordinator

Sallie is our front desk executive and has been working in this office for 24 years. Consequently she has had the privilege of knowing most of our patients for many years and she loves the relationships she has built with them.  Another thing she loves about her job is learning new things about dentistry and working with such a spectacular team. Sallie has the rare ability to make everyone feel comfortable and at home. In her spare time, you can find Sallie spending quality time with her daughter Karri and their unrelenting and persistent (but sweet) orange cat, Clyde. Sallie also enjoys decorating, reading, camping, traveling and practicing relaxation techniques. She also has a spectacular rock collection.

Tami Siebert


Registered Dental Assistant

Tami has been a registered dental assistant for 34 years. What she loves most about her job is interacting with and getting to know our patients.  Tami feels that our office is a second home to her and she truly enjoys working with our team.  Tami loves learning about dentistry and adding to her already remarkable skillset.  Outside of the office, Tami enjoys exercising, jogging, gardening, movies, traveling, and would like to get more into hiking and camping in the future. Tami has a daughter in college who is studying to be a dental hygienist. She loves spending time with her daughter, her fiancé and her feisty calico cat named Callie.